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Home News Samsung Champions Health and Fitness For LA Public School Children Through The Ready Set Gold Program - Page 2
Samsung Champions Health and Fitness For LA Public School Children Through The Ready Set Gold Program - Page 2

2011/2012 Ready, Set, Gold! Olympians / Paralympians

School Olympian Sport / Olympic Year Year
Allesandro Elementary Peter Vidmar Gymnastics '84 (2G, S)
Bell Senior High Cathy Marino Canoeing '88, '92
Belvedere Middle School Becky Kim Synchronized Swimming '08
Brentwood Elementary Michael O'Hara Volleyball '64
Brockton Elementary Kym Carter Begel Heptathalon '92
Byrd Middle School Craig Lincoln Diving '72
Calabash Elementary David Brinton Cycling '88
Carson Senior High Steve Lewis Track '88 (2G) '92 (G, S)
Castle Heights Elementary Roberta Belle Track '80, '84
Castlebay Lane Elementary Jeff Williams Track '96
Coeur D'Alene Elementary Chris Soule Skeleton '02, '06
Contreras Learning Complex Rebecca Soni Swimming '08 (G, 2S)
Darby Elementary David Brinton Cycling '88
Del Olmo School Wyomia Tyus Track '64 (G, S), '68 (G)
Dorsey Senior High Sherri Howard Track '84 (G), '88 (S)
Elizabeth Learning Center Cathy Marino Canoeing '88, '92
Elizabeth Learning Center Rami Zur Canoeing '00, '04, '08
Elizabeth Learning Center Kelly Rickon Mitchell Rowing '80, '84 (S)
Endeavor Elementary Eva Lee Badminton '08
49th Street School Elementary Shannon Dunn-Downing Snowboarding '98 (B), '02
Figueroa Elementary Myra Mayberry Track '92, '96
Frederick Douglass Elementary Chuck Nelson Volleyball '64
Griffith Joyner Chris Duplanty Water Polo '88 (S), '92, '96
Hollywood High David Kimes Shooting '80
Hooper Elementary Pam Marshall Track '88
Jordan Senior High Henry Tillman Boxing '84 (G)
KIPP Prep LA Middle School Mark Crear Hurdles '96 (S), '00 (B)
LA Leadership Academy Ron Skarin Cycling '72, '76
La Salle Elementary Patricia Spratlen Etem Rowing '80, '84
Locke Senior High Henry Tillman Boxing '84 (G)
Loyola Village Elementary Chuck Nelson Volleyball '64
Manhattan Place Elementary Rada Owen Swimming '00
Marina Del Rey Middle School Kym Carter Begel Heptathalon '92
Mendez Learning Center Paul Gonzales Boxing '84
Narbonne Senior High Cara Heads Weightlifting '00
Noble Elementary Ulis Williams Track '64 (G)
Northridge Academy John Siciliano Track '96
Pacoima Elementary Annett Davis Beach Volleyball '00
Palisades High Linda Hanley Beach Volleyball '96
Palms Middle School Rosalyn Bryant Clark Track '76
Peary Middle School Rod Oshita Handball '84, '88
Ranchito Elementary Donna Mayhew Javelin '88, '92
Roosevelt High School Paul Gonzales Boxing '84
Roosevelt High School Rey Brown High Jump '68
San Pedro Senior High Cliff Meidl Canoeing '96, '00
South Gate Senior High Dwight Stones High Jump '72 (B) '76 (B) '84
Trinity Elementary Adam Duvendeck Cycling '04
Venice Senior High Amber Neben Cycling '08
View Park Elementary Maria Cruz Garcia Speed Skating '06
Westchester High School Johnny Gray Track '84, '88, '92 (B)
Wilton Place Elementary John Siciliano Track '96

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